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I want to begin by thanking you all for your continued support throughout the past 20 years. We have received many wonderful messages and ideas from faithful fans and supporters. We are fortunate to have such a tremendous group helping our cause.

2004 was an incredible bookend to my soccer journey. The gold medal in Athens and our special farewell game was an unforgettable way for me to wrap up my career. The sport of soccer has been so good to me, and I only hope that I have left it in a better place than when I started playing years ago.

I am truly enjoying this stage of life with my family. I am inspired to help causes that are near and dear to me. We are excited that the Mia Hamm Foundation continues to promote opportunities

for young women in sports, and we remain committed to helping marrow and cord blood transplant patients and their families cope with the difficult challenges they face each day.

Without the support and kindness of our friends and partner organizations, we could not continue to raise awareness and much-needed funds. I am very grateful for your hard work in helping our hopes and dreams become a reality. Thanks for being a part of the Mia Hamm Foundation, and we look forward to more exciting times ahead.

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